Designing digital interfaces + visualising data



I am a London based designer working at King's Digital Lab, focusing in digital design and recently exploring more with data. I've worked in the field of journalism, fashion, marketing, advertising and currently academic research. I started my career as a knitwear designer, decided to further my education with a masters in textile design, but unfortunately graduated when the economy took a downturn. Out of necessity swapped my yarns and needles, to pixels and devices, working first as a graphic designer, then transitioned to more web design roles after teaching myself a bit of coding. I didn't think I would enjoy working digitally but there's so much to learn with creativity challenges in an ever-changing and vibrant field. I spend a lot of time researching and developing creative conceptual ideas to produce digital prototypes and products. With a lot of time spent looking at the screen, during my spare time when I need my tactile outlet, I still pick up my needles to craft something but only for my family or friends. Soil and seeds are another combination I have grown fond of, and also working with freshly cut wood to carve spoons and other objects.


If there is anything you would like to discuss, please email me at