Family Tree

Genelogy chart


A personal project experimenting a family tree combined with a timeline. Categorising and visualising certain elements. Due to privacy reasons, the chart cannot be shown with all the information.


Starting from a simple excel spreadsheet with the names, date of birth, spouses, and dependants, collected over a few years from a family member. The data collection was not complete as some members did not want some information added, for example divorces, deaths, marriages. I wanted to visualise the 4 different generations, and other data points all in one chart so some stories could be seen. For example, the males tend to marry young whilst the females in the family tend to get married old or not at all. Illustrator was used to manually place each person, represented by a circle on their data of birth on the y axis. The x axis has no metric. Eventually I would like to code this up to be able to make the diagram more interactive and easier to add and update the information.

Sketches in Paper app
Mockups to experiment layouts and concept
final charts
Final chart with names blurred out for privacy reasons