Mozart & Material Culture



This pilot project represents a first attempt to explore the potential of this idea through an online, multi-media publication, including text, images, documents and sound files, and to suggest a framework for presenting a more rounded portrait of Mozart, both personally and as a musician, in his time and place(s). Among the topics a future iteration of this site may include are Mozart’s library, his traveling tea chest, an eighteenth-century blood-letting device and Mozart’s sticking plaster, a window from one of Mozart’s flats in Vienna, an executioner’s sword from Salzburg, Mozart’s watch and his telescope.


I worked closely with Cliff Eisen, Harold Short and other members of King's Digital Lab as the designer on this project. The project started off with a very simple brief with a simple content, and an initial design was implemented. Content was slowly added over time and new features were requested to be added, like a data structure. I realised that the initial design would not work and it had to be redesigned near the end of the project. I translated the design into a prototype to create the base framework for responsive design and interactions, and continued working on it on the staging server alongside a developer to produce the final website.

Collection of visual inspiration
Visual inspiration board collected from various sources
Initial mockup examples
Initial mockup examples using Figma
Redesign mockup examples
Redesign mockup examples
screenshot of current site chapters page
Screenshot of final site Chapters page
screenshot of current site landing page
Screenshot of final site Landing page