Livingstone Studio

Website Design and Development


Livingstone Studio is where I had my very first job out of college as knitwear designer. The place and people are both equally lovely and over the years, I have been fortunate to have kept the wonderful contact. So when Inge Cordsen, the lady behind it all asked me to help with their website, I was more than happy to work with her and the team again. The existing website was a single page shown as one image. Inge wanted something clean and very simple with only a few pages to give a brief overview of the gallery for new visitors and information for existing customers. We looked at a few options and the left side navigation with content in the right was the best option.

A few year later and with a bit more knowledge and skills, I made the site responsive.

Navigation menu on the left, on the right image of a red door leading into a gallery with garments displayed on the wall
Screenshot of About page
Navigation menu on the left, on the right image, four images of items display on tables
Screenshot of Collections page
Screenshots of four different pages sitting side by side with navigation menu at the top and main content below
Screenshot of pages displayed on smaller screens