Baby of the Year Competition

Form and administration page


A regional annual baby of the year competition running over 20 years in newspaper print has recently integrated online. They have found a few adminstrative issues with the online process and wanted to improve it. Contestants fill up a form using jotform. Entries are download using jotform's spreadsheet. Selected entried are placed in the printed newspaper with their name, photo, and reference number. Online, an article is published with a slideshow image gallery of the contestant photos and the same details as the paper. Jotform adminstration process takes too long - Feedback from contestants that they would like to slect photos from their social media accounts, Facebook in particular - Not easy to find contestant to vote in image gallery.


This was a project that my manager gave to me to work on where I looked at the issues and tried to come up with a solution when I was working at Trinity Mirror, now known as Reach. I designed the form and the dashboard, coded up everything in HTML and CSS, but handed over to my manager to implement its funtionality.

Screenshot of dashboard
Screenshot of dashboard
Form for competition entry
Screenshot of form