Creating digital experiences and data visualisation to enhance engagement, clarity, accessibility and sustainability



I am a designer with a strong focus on data visualisation and sustainability. I've worked in the field of fashion, journalism, marketing, advertising and currently academic research. Started off my career as a knitwear designer and I decided to further my design education with a masters in textile design at the Royal College of Art, but unfortunately graduated when the economy took a downturn. Out of necessity swapped stitches to pixels, after teaching myself a bit of coding.

Capable of balancing user needs and business goals, understanding stakeholders and providing concrete solutions that result in long term success. Enjoys collaborating and sharing ideas, encourages creative and professional growth for team members. Currently working at King's Digital Lab with a small team to produce a diverse range of funded projects.

Achieving lasting results with strategic balance, accessibility, and sustainability. Proficient in aligning project objectives, understanding stakeholder needs . Collaborates seamlessly with internal and external partners, fostering growth and innovation, defining and evolving requirements to create compelling and relevant solutions.

Some organisations I've collaborated with

oxford university logo royal library logo royal collection trust logo Alan Turing Institute logo william and mary libraries logo Wiedemann Lampe logo university of edinburgh logo kings college london logo


If there is anything you would like to discuss, please send a message by email or Linkedin